Office Cleaning

Does your office need cleaning?
Would your business benefit from regular professional cleaning?

Carlton Cleaning Services Ltd exists to completely satisfy the long term cleaning and cleaning related needs of organisations that require the seamless delivery of integrated support services and the dedicated or exclusive management of single or multi site cleaning resources.

Why use Carlton Cleaning Services Ltd?

Since 1998 we’ve seen the positive effects cleaning has on businesses, first hand.
We pride ourselves on being small enough to care; providing a quality cleaning service on a ‘Local’ basis for industrial and commercial sectors.
A clean office means clients benefit financially, staff take pride in their workplace and customers leave with smiles bigger than when they arrived.

These observations have helped form our core philosophy at Carlton Cleaning Services Ltd,
that cleaning should be a revenue generator for business, not just a cost.

A professional cleaning service will:


spread of germs

staff absence

employee well being

We Clean. You Profit. It’s that simple.

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